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Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province,with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.Our company mainly sells virus sampling tubes, nose and throat swab, rapid antigen test kits, face mask, disposable negative pressure blood sampling containers and other medical consumables.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete R&D, technology, production, quality and other teams. The material of our throat swabs is flocking material. The flocking swab is made of nylon fiber flocking technology, and the front end is coated with nylon short fibers fixed in a vertical manner, so that there is no absorption hole in the entire sampling area of the sampling swab, and the sampling sample will not be dispersed in the retained fibers, which is beneficial to Faster and more efficient elution. Traditional cotton swabs cannot completely collect and elute samples, while flocked swabs can elute 95% of samples. Therefore, the use of flocked swabs has great advantages for various sample collection applications . 

The flocking swab is to deposit nylon fibers on the surface of the medical ABS rod in a certain direction through the electrostatic field to form a brush layer, and the layers are sufficiently parallel and perpendicular to the surface of the inner rod, through this The brush head is used for DNA collection, which can be used for the sampling of natural human cavities such as the mouth, nasopharynx, etc., and can also be used for laboratory testing.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device company adheres to throat swabs research and can provide new product development services such as OEM customization and drawings and samples. Welcome to consult .



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