Face mask

The mask is suitable for the basic protection of medical staff and ordinary people for diseases such as flu.

Product Description:

Product name

Face mask

Model Specifications

Non-sterile 175mx95mmx3 layers

Structure and composition

This product is composed of a mask body, a nose clips and ear tape. The mask body uses a three-layer process, the outer layer is blue nonwoven fabric, and the intermediate filter layer uses white polypropylene melting cloth, and the inner layer is a white nonwoven fabric; the nose clip made of plastic material, the ear tape is an elastic tightening material.The type of mask is a flat hanging ear one.

Product performance

This product made according to the standard of Y0469-2011, the main performance is as follows: the nose clip is made of plastic material, the length is not less than 8.0cm.

The mask is convenient to wear, and the intensity of each connection point between the mask belt and the mask body is not less than 10N. It's efficiency of bacterial filtration is not less than 95%.

The efficiency of non-oil particle filtration is not less than 30%  .

The pressure difference of gas exchange on both sides of the mask is not more than 49Pa;

After 2 ml synthesis of blood with 16.0kpa force sprayed to the outer surface , there is no penetration inside the mask. The mask material is not easy to combust, and the combustion time is not more than 5 seconds after the flame is extinguished.

There is none non-element mask biological indicators bacterial colony total colony is ≤100 Ceu / region, large transgenic flora, Pseudomptia, Golden Slasciscus, hemolytic streptococci, and fungi can be found in the mask.

Scope of application

This mask is suitable for basic protection of medical staff or related personnel, as well as protection of body fluids and splatter communication during an innovative operation.




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