How to use and precautions for frozen red blood cell washing machine

1. Check whether the power supply voltage matches the voltage marked on the device and confirm that the power supply connection is good.
2. Turn on the computer, enter the cell processing workstation operating system, and select the "Red Blood Cell Washing" program.
3. Set the washing parameters according to the doctor's instructions, including the number of washes, liquid volume, speed, time, etc.
4. After confirming that the parameter settings are correct, click "OK" to start running.
5. The washing process starts and the machine automatically completes the washing operation.
6. After washing, turn off the computer and equipment.

Precautions for frozen red blood cell washing machine:
1. Detailed cleaning should be performed before use to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.
2. After using the equipment, the residue inside the equipment should be cleaned up in time to ensure the sanitary condition of the equipment.
3. Perform regular maintenance on the equipment to ensure its normal operation.
4. Regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to ensure its accuracy and sensitivity.
5. Operators should receive professional skills training to ensure the correct and safe use of the equipment.
6. It is prohibited to disassemble, modify or repair the equipment at will to ensure the integrity and stability of the equipment.
7. Before using the equipment, check whether the power supply, water circuit and gas circuit of the equipment are normal to avoid unexpected situations during the operation of the equipment.
8. Before using the equipment, check whether the pipes, valves and joints of the equipment are leaking air or water to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment.
9. Before using the equipment, check whether the nozzle of the equipment is blocked to avoid affecting the washing effect of the equipment.



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