Troubleshooting of Vacuum Venous Blood Collection Needle for Blood Collection

1. The blood collection needle slips out of the blood vessel: Generally, the blood collection needle is not fixed or is not fixed firmly, and is caused by being pulled . Treatment measures: After the puncture is successful, fix the needle handle with adhesive tape to prevent the needle handle from sliding and causing the needle to come out of the blood vessel.

2. Hemolysis: The vacuum negative pressure is large, blood flows into the test tube rapidly during the operation, and the blood collides with the test tube wall to cause hemolysis; when collecting the vacuum negative pressure tube with anticoagulant, the swing is too violent during the blood collection process, resulting in hemolysis . Treatment measures: The vacuum tube should be inclined at 45°, and the inclined surface of the blood collection needle should be close to the wall of the test tube to allow the blood to flow in slowly.

3. Vacuum negative pressure tube does not suck blood smoothly or does not suck blood: the main reason is that the strong negative pressure in the test tube makes the bevel of the front needle close to the blood vessel wall or because the vacuum degree in the tube is not enough . Treatment measures: Hold the needle wing and gently move the position of the needle, and replace the unused blood collection tube.



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