Evoked potential system

Evoked potential system is a neuroelectrophysiological technique used to measure the functional status of the central nervous system. It records the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex by introducing electrodes into the patient's scalp, thereby reflecting the electrophysiological activity of the brain. The functions of the evoked potential system include:

1. Assess the function of the central nervous system: The evoked potential system can record the brain's response to external stimuli. By analyzing the characteristics, time course and other parameters of the evoked potential, the functional status of the central nervous system can be evaluated. For example, the mean evoked potential (MEP) can be measured The response of the motor cortex to stimulation can be used to assess muscle movement function.

2. Study cognitive functions and sensory sensations: By recording the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex, the evoked potential system can study cognitive functions and the processing and processing of sensory sensations, such as by recording visual evoked potentials (VEP), auditory evoked potentials ( AEP), etc., can study the brain's processing of visual and auditory stimuli.

3. Diagnosis of neurological diseases: The evoked potential system can be used to diagnose some neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc. By comparing the evoked potential responses of patients and normal people, abnormal neural electrical activities can be found to assist in diagnosis and assessment of the status and progression of the disease.

4. Monitor nerve function during surgery: In some neurosurgeries, evoked potential systems can be used to monitor nerve function during surgery. For example, in spinal cord and brainstem surgeries, nerve conduction can be monitored in real time by recording evoked potentials. function to avoid surgical damage to nerve structures.

In short, the evoked potential system is an important neuroelectrophysiological technology that can evaluate the function of the central nervous system, study neurophysiological processes, diagnose neurological diseases, and play a role in neuromonitoring in certain surgeries.



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