Green Blood Collection Tube

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province,with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.Our company mainly sells virus sampling tubes, nose and throat swab, rapid antigen test kits, face mask, disposable negative pressure blood sampling containers and other medical consumables.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete R&D, technology, production, quality and other teams. Our blood collection tubes are used for the collection and storage of blood samples in clinical medical tests. Whether it is a glass tube or a plastic tube, the inner wall is extremely smooth, which can avoid the adhesion of blood cells and effectively reduce the in vitro hemolysis of the specimen.

The green blood collection tube is also called heparin tube blood collection tube, which is a one-time vacuum blood collection tube. It contains heparin sodium. Heparin directly has antithrombin effect, which can prolong the coagulation time of the specimen. It is mainly used for routine biochemical and emergency plasma detection. Such as liver function, kidney function, blood lipids, blood sugar, etc., it has clinical significance for the diagnosis of diseases and pathological analysis, and is one of the commonly used inspection methods .

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Equipment company adheres to the disposable virus sampling tube and can provide new product development services such as OEM customization and drawings and samples. Welcome to consult !



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