Vacuum blood collection tube

        Qingdao Uphold Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Our company mainly sells medical consumables such as virus sampling tubes, nasopharyngeal swabs, antigen rapid detection kits, masks, disposable negative pressure blood collection containers.

       Qingdao Adhering Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete team of R&D, technology, production, and quality. The principles of our vacuum blood collection tubes are as follows:

The blood collection tube with the head cover is drawn into different vacuum degrees in advance, and the negative pressure is used to automatically collect venous blood samples. One end of the blood collection needle is inserted into the human vein and the other end is inserted into the rubber stopper of the vacuum blood collection tube. Human venous blood is drawn into the blood sample container through the blood collection needle under the action of negative pressure in the vacuum blood collection tube. Under one venipuncture, multiple tubes can be collected without leakage. The volume of the lumen connected to the blood collection needle is small, and the impact on the blood collection volume can be ignored, but the probability of reverse flow is relatively small. If the volume of the lumen is large, part of the vacuum of the blood collection tube will be consumed, thereby reducing the collection volume.

        Qingdao adheres to the vacuum blood collection tube and can provide new product development services such as OEM customization and drawings and samples. Welcome to consult.



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