How to get Rapid Antigen Test Kit

Antigens are like "clothes" on the outside of the virus, and nucleic acids are the genes inside the virus. Antigen detection starts from antibodies to detect "clothes". After the specificity is integrated, the virus can be displayed; nucleic acid detection needs to be done through amplification. With amplification, the sensitivity of nucleic acid detection will be higher, but Correspondingly, it takes longer to obtain results.

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Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. Our company mainly sells virus sampling tubes, nose and throat swab, rapid antigen test kits, face mask, disposable negative pressure blood sampling containers and other medical consumables .

Our rapid antigen test kit are as follows:

Product description

Packing specification: 25T/box.

Storage: The original packaging should be stored in environment Conditions with 4 ~ 30 ° C (40-86 ° F)

Validity period: 24 months.

Packing size: 268*124*65mm.


1. CE certification

2. The result can be got in 15 minutes

3. The test results can be seen by naked eyes

4. Easy to operate, no equipment is required.

5. Suitable for large-scale rapid testing

6. Easy sample collection

Test principle

This product uses a double antibody interlayer immunochromatography.. If the sample contains coronavirus, the test line will be colored, indicating a positive result. If the sample does not contain coronavirus, the test line will not be colored, which means a negative result.



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