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Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province,with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.Our company mainly sells virus sampling tubes, nose and throat swab, rapid antigen test kits, face mask, disposable negative pressure blood sampling containers and other medical consumables.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete R&D, technology, production, quality and other teams. Our nasopharyngeal swabs are made of flocking material. Our flocked swabs offer the following advantages:

1. Flocking swabs are more comfortable for sampling and more convenient to use.

Today's flocking swabs generally use existing technology "spray technology", which uses electrostatic charges to vertically attach millions of nylon fibers to the head of a medical handle during the flocking process. The vertical nylon fibers resemble a soft brush. Using this soft brush during sampling will keep the user free of foreign body sensations. At the same time, the flocking swabs used in different parts have different breaking points, and the rods use different thicknesses, which makes the softness very different. For example, a nasal swab has a thinner and softer upper end of the rod, and a longer breaking point.

2. The release of flocked swab samples will be greater

Capillary action between nylon fiber bundles promotes strong hydraulic absorption of liquid samples, keeping the sample on the surface, making elution easier. However, most of the samples collected by traditional cotton swabs will still be intercepted in the fibrous matrix of the head, which is not easy to release or the release amount is small. Flocked swabs have been shown to release up to 95 percent of the sample, compared to 25 percent from standard fiber-tipped swabs. The use of flocked swabs is especially important if the sample size is particularly small.

3. Flocked swabs are biocompatible and ideal for PCR work.

To limit damage to the sample and improve detection accuracy, the swabs are made of completely inert material. So flocked swabs become the ideal and best choice for PCR. Therefore, for scientists using PCR technology, the new flocked swabs are PCR compatible and free of RNase and DNase.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device company adheres to flocking swabs research and can provide new product development services such as OEM customization and drawings and samples. Welcome to consult .




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