Flocked Throat Swab

Flocked Throat Swab

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the sale of disposable medical inspection consumables. The company is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province,with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.Our company mainly sells virus sampling tubes, nose and throat swab, rapid antigen test kits, face mask, disposable negative pressure blood sampling containers and other medical consumables.

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete R&D, technology, production, quality and other teams. Our nasal swabs are made of flocking material. Our flocked throat swabs have the following features:

(1) Flocked throat swabs are harmless to organisms and can maximize the collection and release of specimens;

(2) A large number of clinical experiments have shown that compared with ordinary sterile cotton swabs, flocked throat swabs have a better effect on the collection and transportation of clinical microbial specimens. This is especially true for those specimens that cannot be submitted for inspection in time and that have been placed for too long.

The advantages of our flocking throat swabs as follows :

(1) The unique jet implantation nylon fiber technology increases the collection and release of specimens;

(2) The swab is 150mm long, and the plastic rod has a unique breakable design;

(3) The fluffy texture can collect more target analytes;

(4) There is no residual specimen, and the specimen processing is accelerated;

(5) Swabs are sterilized individually packaged, individually packaged sterile swabs

Qingdao Bingcheng Medical Device company adheres to flocking throat swabs research and can provide new product development services such as OEM customization and drawings and samples. Welcome to consult.


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